Sewing class - Zip my cushion

Zip my cushion - Basic

Class duration: 3 hours
Class price: £45
Class materials: £11 (optional)

Class Description:
Cushions are an essential part of our home interiors (or garden) and we can never have enough styles and colours. In this fun and relaxing class we will be learning how to make a stylish zipped cushion. Areas we cover include:

Class Requirements:
All machines are provided. Please bring along 50 cm of fabric (by 114cm or 140cm wide) of your own choice to suit your home décor and a regular zip (ideally 35cm long, but if slightly longer, we will show you how to shorten it). Alternatively, you can buy all materials from us (fabric, zip, insert) for £11 (available when booking the class). Refreshments and biscuits are included and a glass of wine for all evening classes to help create a seamless atmosphere.

Additional Class Information