Sew Soft Furnishings (4 week course) - Beginners

Course duration: 4 x 3 hours
Course price: £180
Course materials: £10 (optional)

Class Description:
This is a complete sewing course made of 4 x 3 hour sessions run over 4 consecutive weeks. The course is aimed at beginners and those with some experience. This course would be of interest to people wishing to make soft furnishings for their own home and those wishing to create a more professional finish developing their colour and design skills. This course will give you the confidence to use a sewing machine on your own and to attempt more ambitious projects in the future.

Day 1
During the first three hours session you will be introduced to your sewing machine and taught basic skills in order to build confidence. Areas covered are: winding a bobbin, threading the machine, changing a needle, sewing straight lines, curves and corners, machine button holes, hemming, finishing seams and reverse stitching.

Day 2
On the second session of the course you will make a zip cushion cover and learn a series of techniques. For this class you will need to bring along:

Alternatively, you can buy the kit from us to include: inner pad, zip & fabric when booking this course for £10 only.

Day 3
The third session will progress into constructing a sample curtain using hand and machine stitching, measuring and calculating fabric requirements for your window. All materials are included. Skills gained making a Regular Lined Curtain:

Day 4
During the last day you will be able to put your skills into practice by making and walking away with a sample Roman Blind. All materials are included. You will learn how to:

All machines, and equipment are provided, although if you would like to bring your own sewing machine to learn on, you are welcome to. If you have fabric you wish to use, please bring it along. Refreshments and biscuits are included and a glass of wine for all evening classes to help create a seamless atmosphere.

Additional Class Information