Sew Simple (sewing basics) - Beginners

Full class: 3 hours (price: £45)
Mini-class: 2 hours (price: £35)
Class materials: inlcuded

Class Description:
If you are a complete beginner or feeling very rusty, the "How to use a sewing machine" class is the one for you. Learn how to set up, thread and use a sewing machine, load the bobbin, then learn how to sew straight lines. You will have plenty of opportunity to practice these skills. Areas we cover include:

In the class you will develop a sound set of sewing machine skills and knowledge. This will give you the confidence to use a sewing machine on your own and to attempt more ambitious projects, clothes making and alterations. Please note that out mini 2 hour class will cover all the basics, but will give you less practising time.

Class Requirements:
All machines, materials and equipment are provided, however you may bring your own sewing machine to learn on if you wish. Refreshments and biscuits are included and a glass of wine for all evening classes to help create a seamless atmosphere.

Additional Class Information