Pyjama-mama - Basic

Class duration: 3½ hours
Class price: £50
Class materials: £16 (optional)

Class Description:
Making your own pyjama bottoms has its benefits. Besides saving money, one can work with soft fabric that is easy to sew and find the colour and print of your choice. This is a fun class where you can master a range of the sewing techniques. Please note that you have to know how to use a sewing machine or would have ideally completed our "Sew simple" or "LayOnMe" cushion class. You can also choose from kids and mans pyjama’s pattern if you don’t fancy making one for yourself (please confirm your choice by email prior to the class). Areas we cover include:

Class Requirements:
All machines are provided. You will need to bring along:

Sizes 8 - 18

Alternatively you can buy fabric from us, we have a selection for £16 (available when booking the class). Patterns are provided, but are class use only. However you do have the option to buy one after your class if you wish. Refreshments and biscuits are included and a glass of wine for all evening classes to help create a seamless atmosphere.

Additional Class Information